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Science of Acupuncture treatments

  • ENHANCES CIRCULATION: Acupuncture aids in improving blood flow, ensuring that oxygen-rich blood reaches areas previously less nourished, thus facilitating quicker healing processes.

  • BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: It is believed to strengthen the immune system and reduce bodily inflammation, helping restore balance (homeostasis) and speeding up recovery.

  • PAIN REDUCTION: Acupuncture interrupts pain signals within the body, acting as a natural painkiller by prompting the release of the body’s own pain-relieving substances.

  • REGULATES BODY CHEMISTRY: Through the activation of the nervous system, acupuncture can influence and regulate the body’s hormonal, chemical, and circulatory systems.

  • RELEASES BLOCKAGES: It helps in clearing blockages which, in turn, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, enhances organ function, aids detoxification, and improves overall health and wellbeing.

The approach to acupuncture treatment in Chinese medicine is customized to the individual, considering factors like the specific ailment, duration of symptoms, patient's age, and overall health. The treatment frequency and duration are tailored to suit the individual's needs, with specific protocols for acute and chronic conditions, as well as for ongoing health maintenance.


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